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Perform Enterprise Infrastructure Installation with daily maintenance, repair, new installation, removal, and testing of Telecommunications cabling infrastructure.

Full-time positions available at Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) sites in: Philadelphia (PA), Mechanicsburg (PA), Battle Creek (MI), Richmond (VA), Norfolk (VA), Ogden (UT), Texas, San Diego (CA), Tracy (CA), Warner Robins (GA)

Must possess IT-II security clearance or have a current National Agency Check with Local Agency Check and Credit Check (NACLC)

Network Installer

  • Serves as a Lead IT/Telecommunications Installer with a primary focus of Low Voltage ISP twisted -pair copper cabling, fiber-optic cabling (FOC) and associated infrastructure.

  • Designs, surveys, installs, removes, terminates, tests, troubleshoots, repairs, inspects and maintains IT and telecommunications infrastructure including but not limited to: twisted-pair copper cabling; fiber-optic cabling (FOC); audio-visual cabling such as display-port and/or HDMI; COAX; multipurpose low voltage cabling and infrastructure; cabinets, racks and shelves; telephony blocks;patch panels; grounding bus bars and circuits; conduit, cable trays and raceways.

  • Performs site surveys and gathers required data in approved format as assigned by task.

  • Installs IT/Telecommunications equipment and devices as assigned by task.

  • Performs patching and cross-connect actions as assigned by task.

  • Receive and obtain materials from onsite storage locations, transport and deliver materials to work locations, and return unused materials to storage locations as instructed by task.

  • Maintains and organizes telecommunications rooms and facilities and keeps work locations and materials clean and free of obstacles and debris.

  • Coordinates and performs trouble-ticket resolution as assigned by task.

  • Evaluates, interprets, and delivers as required by task: pre-implementation drawings; redline drawings; as-built drawings; network diagrams; block diagrams; connectivity diagrams.

  • Works independently and with others and serves as a team member to accomplish tasks.

  • Performs inspections for IT and Telecommunication Systems including, but not limited to: cable plant; infrastructure; communications distribution systems.

  • Delivers inspection reports as required including, but not limited to: discrepancy reports and remediation criteria; status reports; test results; punch lists; redline drawings.

  • Delivers list of materials (LOM) for project implementation as applicable

  • Delivers Status Reports weekly and trip reports as trips are completed.

  • Takes applicable DLA and hosts activity site-specific safety training and obtains relevant certifications.

  • Other duties as assigned by the supervisor

Required Skills and Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in electrical, electronics, or systems engineering, with at least five years of experience in a related field.

  • Certification/Training Requirements:

    • Confined Spaces Certification/Training

    • Advanced Low Voltage or Installer Course (or 10 years of credible experience)

    • OSHA-compliant Aerial Lift and Fork Lift training

    • BICSI Installer 2 Copper, Installer 2 Optical Fiber Certificate

  • Must be able to write English effectively, using correct spelling and grammar, to generate reports and documentation.

  • Able to install, remove, and repair onsite cabling in facilities. May require working from a lift platform, e.g., scissor lifts.

  • Work sites may require travel in the same geographic area as base location.Travel over 25 miles may be eligible for reimbursement.

  • Personal Protective Equipment is required, as are trade tools and test equipment as required. A vehicle is required to get to/from work sites and any local travel within the assigned geography for each location.

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